Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We can recover data from HDD, USB memory drives and other storage devices even if they are unreadable by normal means.

・My PC will not boot! But I need the data in my computer.
・Asked the maker but even if they can repair my PC they could not guarantee recovery of my data.
・Asked other companies, but their prices were very high.

Should you be in this kind of trouble, pleace contact JapanAid PC 99.

When a hard disk fails, it can be either due to the logical or hardware part. In the case of a logical failure, data recovery is relatively simple. Please check here our data recovery prices.

However if the hardware is broken. Broken or scrached plates, motor failure or another mechanical failure, data recovery is more difficult and special facilities are required.

Japan Aid PC 99 can recovery data from disks with logical failures for a reasonable fee. As we only charge if we are successful, if we can not recover the data you will not have to pay the data recovery fees.

Data Recovery Price in case of Mechanical failure

Diagnostic Fee\ 5,000 (tax excluded)
Data Recovery Fee\ 110,000 ~ \ 200,000 (tax excluded)Only data recovery
Media to copy the recovered dataCost of the mediaHard disk, DVD, USB memory drive.

※ Hard disks up to 500GB. For bigger hard disks, please contact us.
※ If it is a severe problem other extra fees may be required.
※ If you need your data urgently, there is a special fee for emergency cases.
※ In case of Mac PCs there will be an extra charge.

Data Recovery Target Storage Medium

・Hard disk (Internal・External・3.5inch・2.5inch・UltraATA・SATA)
・USB Memory
・Memory Card
・SD・XD・SM(Smart Media)・CF(Compact Flash)・
・MMC(Multimedia Card)・MS(Memory Stick)
・Floppy Disk

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If you are having trouble with PC troubles, please do not hesitate to consult us.

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