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We are a professional PC troubleshooting group

Experienced professionals More than 8000 cases Every Year

We are professional group which solved various problem. We solved more than 8000 PC problems including data recovery,network trouble,PC faileure,Computer virus infection, and security measure every year.

please leave the trouble that can't be solved by other companies. IT's only us to meet your expectation.

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Japan Aid PC Rescue repaired my frozen PC.

Consultation Contents: PC Trouble

Sagawa Global Logistics CO., Ltd.
Mr. ToshinoriYamagata

My desktop PC which was assembled by a specialized supplier in February 2009 and it started to repeatedly freeze from one month ago. My friend said that "The OS of Windows-Vista may have failed. Why don't you recover it?" But I don't know much about computers, so I couldn't do anything myself. I requested [for Japan Aid] onsite PC Repair and their serviceman came to my house on Sunday as scheduled. The problem turned out to be more complicated than just simple diagnosis, so I requested them to make the repairs at their office. I also requested them to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. The serviceman Mr. Hida was very courteous and he answered all of my questions in a clear and patient manner. I would like to reiterate my thanks for your services. I can use my PC at ease now and if there is any problem I will think of your support for help

Japan Aid PC Rescue repaired myInternet trouble.

Consultation Contents:Internet Connection Trouble


I had my PC repaired by Japan Aid PC Rescue on the night of February 24th. Because of a temporary provider malfunction, l was not able to use the lnternet. l talked with several other PC repair stores, but they just kept saving that l had to bring the PC to them despite the PC working as usual. l was at a loss and decided to give Japan Aid PC Rescue a call.The other specialty store said that the visit would not be for some time but Japan Aid PC Rescue asked "Are you available today?" l was pleasantly surprised,but decided to schedule a different day. The serviceman was a little different than l had expected but he relly saved me when l was desperate. Thank you very much. If I have any Other issue, l will ask Japan Aid for help.l'm recommending you to everybody!

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